Save Buckley Street Public Rally, 1 November 2017

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NEW Public Rally – 1 November 2017

Fight for Rail-under Road Solution

Save Buckley Street invites you to the Public Rally:  

Location:    Parliament Steps, Spring Street, Melbourne
When:          1 November 2017, 1-2pm

Come together again to continue our fight for the removal of the Buckley Street level crossing with a Rail-Under Road solution.

Get your family, friends and neighbours along to show the State Government and Opposition that Moonee Valley wants a better solution for Buckley Street, Essendon.
Wear something Red in support of a Rail-Under Road solution for Buckley Street.

Build for the Future
Do it now and do it right
Put the Rail-Under Road

The Goal of our Rally

To demonstrate to the Government, the Opposition and the crossbenchers in the Legislative Council of:

  • Our opposition to Governments eroding residents rights for a proper consultation and planning process by forcing a sub-standard option on the people of Moonee Valley and putting the lives and safety of school children at risk
  • The Government’s proposed Road-Under solution will only be able to provide for the needs of sections of the community, not all Moonee Valley residents. This proposed solution will create more problems and more issues at Park Street and Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds.

How we will achieve our Goal

  • Through the power of people we can influence change
  • We demonstrate that we care enough for future generations given this once in a multi-generational project that we will have to live with for the next 100 years
  • We need the State Government and Opposition to realise we are not prepared to simply take a substandard option of the removal of Buckley Street Level Crossing
    because it fits with a political agenda

Get your family, school children (in uniform), friends and neighbours along on Wednesday, 1 November 2017 @ 1pm.

Can’t attend the Public Rally?

There are other ways you can help:

Join our website newsletter

Join our Facebook page

Our Facebook page is a meeting point for all affected community members.  We provide the latest up to date information on our Save Buckley Street campaign including news, events and links to media articles.  It’s also a great place to have any questions you may have answered.  You can view and join our Facebook page here.

Get Moonee Valley City Council’s Signage

If you’re a local, please show your support by displaying one of the Moonee Valley Council signs “Buckley Street Level Crossing – Fight for a better option: Rail-under Road” and tying to the front of your house or around your street’s trees.  Signs are available from the City of Moonee Valley’s offices, located at 9 Kellaway Ave, Moonee Ponds.

Sign the online petition

We have also set up an official Save Buckley Street Petition on Sign this and then send to your friends – this will make our voice louder and you will also get major announcement information alerts.

The petition can be found here.

Sign the official Parliamentary petition

This is the most important thing you can do as it officially registers your objection to the Government’s Road-Under Rail solution.  All Victorian citizens enrolled to vote are entitled to voice their concern by signing this petition.

Signed petitions can be dropped off at Beauty on Rose, 1 Rose Street, Essendon.  The petition can be downloaded here.

Contact your local representatives

Your elected representatives look at how many of their constituents contact them when deciding to act on an issue.  To email your concerns to your representatives, just copy and paste the below email addresses into your email CC field.

Victorian Cabinet Ministers ,

A list of all Victorian cabinet ministers can be found here.

State District and State Region Members of Parliament

  1. Click here and put in your address to find out who yours are.
  2. Then click here and enter their names to get their contact details.

Local Council Representatives

Please write to all councillors at your local council, but particularly your ward councillors who are your direct elected representative on council.  You can find your local and ward here.

City of Moonee Valley councillors’ contact details can be found here.

Some concerns you might include: 

  • LXRA’s Road-Under Rail option was not part of a proper public consultation process.  There hasn’t been an open and transparent consultation as was promised. More of a manipulation to LXRA’s preferred solution
  • Our local councils, schools, businesses and residents are not advocating for LXRA’s preferred option
  • Community expectation that level crossings would be removed using a Rail-Under-Road design.  This is the design option used for all completed/currently being completed crossing removals to date
  • Design of level crossing removals must not be decided on economics alone – must involve long-term thinking, not just a cheaper, quick-fix solution
  • Consultation Process – LXRA Consultation – nothing more than Information Sessions and even then we received few answers
  • Level crossings currently divide our community.  The design of level crossing removal must bring the community together, not continue to divide community – a concrete monolith will divide, not unite
  • Site for graffiti and associated ongoing costs of its removal
  • Business impact: risk to the local traders of Rose Street, Buckley Street, Russell Streets and Essendon Junction
  • Financial impact on property values – short and long term
  • The Connectivity is very poor for pedestrian accessibility, connection of the community and the integration of nearby land uses. (Woodcock & Stone, 2016)
  • Our Amenity for public spaces and activation for the community and recreational uses, both passive and active is also very poor. (Woodcock & Stone, 2016)